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We take pride to possess the inherent capability to offer an exceptional range of premium-quality products to discerning importers globally. Renowned for its rich flavor profile, distinct aroma, and unparalleled quality, Indonesian vanilla stands as a testament to the country's commitment to excellence in agriculture and production practices.

Top Reasons to Choose Vanilla From Indonesia

High-Quality Products

We can ensures top quality by sourcing vanilla beans from reputable Indonesian growers known for their premium produce.

Variety of Vanilla Products

We offer a wide range of vanilla products, from whole beans to extracts, catering to diverse customer preferences and needs.

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With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide personalized assistance, prompt responses, and reliable delivery services for a seamless experience.

Our product list

We can supply Planifolia and tahitensis

Vanilla Planifolia Gourmet Grade: 10-13 cm

Vanilla Planifolia Gourmet Grade: 16-17 cm

Vanilla Planifolia Gourmet Grade: 18-19 cm

Vanilla Planifolia Gourmet Grade: 20-22 cm

Vanilla Tahitensis Gourmet Grade: 10-13 cm

Vanilla Tahitensis Gourmet Grade: 14-15 cm

Vanilla Tahitensis Gourmet Grade: 16-17 cm

Vanilla Tahitensis Extract: 10-13 cm

The cultivation of the Planifolia and Tahitensis varieties of vanilla thrives on agricultural lands across the enchanting islands of Java, Bali, Papua, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara and Maluku.

These regions boast fertile soil enriched by the bountiful blessings of nature, where a harmonious interplay of climate, temperature, and humidity ensures the consistent stability of our production.

Our agricultural lands, nestled at elevations ranging between 400-700 meters, enjoy an ideal average temperature of 22-25 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This temperate climate, coupled with ample rainfall and humidity, ranging between 2000-3000 mm/year and 80% respectively, nurtures the optimal conditions for the growth of vanilla plants.

Furthermore, the intensity of sunlight, ranging between 35-55 percent, bathes our lands with the perfect amount of radiant energy essential for photosynthesis. This synergy of environmental factors creates an idyllic setting for the cultivation of vanilla in Indonesia, ensuring the robust growth and development of our prized vanilla plants.

In essence, the unique combination of fertile soil, temperate climate, abundant rainfall, humidity, and optimal sunlight intensity forms the cornerstone of our success in cultivating premium-quality vanilla in Indonesia.

About the products

Our Services

Vanilla Bean Processing

Expert processing of high-quality vanilla beans to produce premium vanilla extracts for food manufacturers.

Vanilla Flavor Creation

Customized vanilla flavor development services to meet specific needs and enhance product taste profiles.

Vanilla Sourcing Assistance

Assistance in sourcing vanilla beans directly from Indonesia to ensure authenticity and quality for clients.

Exquisite Indonesian Vanilla 

Plant type of Vanilla Planifolia

1. Plant type one: Pod shape: Tube; Plantation area: Maluku and Papua

2. Plant type two: Pod shape: Flat; Plantation area: Sulawesi and Nusa Tengarra

Plant type of Indonesian Vanilla Tahitensis

Crossbreeding of Wild Vanilla plant type one; Have bigger stem.

Pod shape: Flat and short. High vanillin content (even in the short pod size)

Planifolia vs Tahitensis

Vanilla Planifolia

Commonly called Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. This plant actually originates from Mexico, but entered Indonesia in 1819. It turned out to be more fertile in Indonesia because it has a more tropical climate, so it has higher levels of vanilla. Indonesia has the best quality in the world for this type. Its gourmet or premium quality of the vanilla beans. It has higher moisture and best for the extraction process.

*Flavour: smooth, creamy, and rich profile.

*Use: baked goods, chocolate, cream desserts, beverages, savory dishes and more. 

Vanilla Tahitensis

Its orginally from the Pacific Island area including East Indonesia (Papua island). The shape is shorter, is plump, and contains a much higher oil and water content than Vanilla Planfolia. Vanilla Tahitensis has a delicate floral and fruit aroma. Smelling like licorice, cherries or wine, and is favoured by pastry chefs. The vanilla with fruity, floral, ans sweet flavors created by the compound heliotropin. It has a top floral bouquet and fruity notes that is extra vibrant and robust. Its flavor is immense and luxurious.

*Flavor: cherries, delicate, licorice, raisins, red wine, floral, fruity and sweet.

*Use: with fresh fruit, cream desserts, baked goods, beverages, savory cream sauces and more. 

Vanilla beans quality

Gourmet grade vanilla beans

Our customers will be able to provide the epitome of vanilla perfection with our premium grade vanilla beans. Renowned for their flawless appearance and elevated vanillin content, our vanilla beans are meticulously sourced to meet the exacting standards of retail businesses, hotel restaurants, and artisan patisseries or bakeries.


  • Vanilin content: 1,5-2 %
  • Water content: 25-30 %
  • Average pod weight: 3,5-4 g
  • Harvest age: 8-9 month

Extraction grade vanilla beans

Our mid-range grade vanilla beans, meticulously crafted for discerning manufacturers. Designed to meet the demands of production, these beans offer a balance of vanillin content and consistent weight, ensuring optimal quality for your creations. With a focus on substance over aesthetics, our mid-range vanilla beans guarantee superior performance, making them the preferred choice for manufacturers seeking reliability and excellence in every batch.


  • Vanilin content: 0,9-1,8 %
  • Water content: 18-25 %
  • Average pod weight: 2,5-3 g
  • Harvested age: 7-9 month

Cutting grade vanilla beans

Introducing our selection of low-grade vanilla beans, tailored for applications where quality takes a backseat to cost efficiency. Ideal for mixtures and formulations where the emphasis lies more on functionality than on premium flavor profiles, these vanilla beans offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on essential characteristics. Unlocking versatility without sacrificing utility, our low-grade vanilla beans provide a reliable option for various industrial applications where consistent performance is paramount.


  • Vanilin content: 0,8-1 %
  • Water content: 10-15 %
  • Average pod weight: < 2 g
  • Harvested age: 5-6 month

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ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System


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